Mill-Tech ManufacturingIt was October 31, 1986 when Jeff started working for his Uncle Jim at a small machine shop located just north of New London. It was during that time he realized he had found his passion. That passion became a lifelong career that has given him numerous skills and talents.

Having a career long vision of being his own boss was all the motivation needed to establish Mill-Tech Manufacturing LLC in 2006. A compilation of skill and vision was the foundation for Mill-Tech Manufacturing from day one. Knowing it’s all about quality and service Jeff decided to follow a bit of a different business plan when he opened the doors. That business plan was a simple one. Provide a service that the customer could only get at one place.

Aside from just machining Mill-Tech Manufacturing provides a service that has earned him the nickname “The Liquid Tylenol of Machine Shop’s”. Or translated “We will take your head aches away”. We specialize in that out of ordinary or difficult to machine part or project. BOTTOM LINE is we listen to our customers when they tell us “this is what I can buy, but not what I want”. We love hearing the phrase “It can’t be done”. We take those words as a personal challenge to design and build something better.

From straight forward 2D parts to complex 3D parts machined on 4th Axis equipment we take that “think outside the box” approach to everything we manufacture.


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